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Robotics CMS

Robotics CMS


The participants should be able to understand the physical parts of Robot, construction and functions of various Robotic components. Participants should be able to write program and operate CMS Robot. Participants should be able to read, analyse and understand fundamental of Robot.


  • Introduction to Robotics, Types of Robots and Applications
  • Robot Power Transmission Systems
  • Components of CMS Robot
  • Determination of Workspace limitation of Robotic kit
  • CMS instructions and Operation through VCP
  • Simple axis-movement program via VCP
  • Movement program with MOVE, Output Set/Reset
  • Movement program with abortion of movement
  • Movement program with rounding of the 90 degree turn
  • Set output & WAIT for an input before movement is continued


  • Technical Knowledge (A minimum qualification of Diploma or Engineering recommended)
  • Must have completed Basic PLC & Advanced Pneumatics

Teaching & Learning Media:

  • Multimedia Presentation
  • Cut-section & transparent models
  • Sample units & power units
  • PC Animation & E-learning
  • Web-trainers


  • 2 weeks (36 Hours)


  • Theory and Practical Exam

Participant Profile:

  • Operation, Maintenance, Assembly & Planning personnel & designers.
  • Engineering Students


  • Rs.5500/- per participant + GST as applicable